Why I decided to become a Software Engineer

[ 0 ] → Falling in-love with software at an early age

A picture of me when I was child with the first family computer I may or may not have infected with a virus. :P
A picture of me back in grade-school with my first workstation.

[ 1 ] → The Gamer

[ 2 ] → collegeDegree(I.T.) : COMPILATION ERROR!!!

A picture of me and my dance crew back in the Philippines

[ 3 ] → Migrating to the U.S. and Starting a degree in Computer Science

[ 4 ] → Linux, The Terminal, The Cybersecurity Club, and COVID-19

Manjaro Linux i3 (Left) — Manjaro Linux Lyria (Right)

[ 5 ] → COVID-19 Lockdown, Unemployment Benefits, My Last Semester, and Flatiron School



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